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The 25th Filial Exemplar


Watch film here:

Main Cast

Charles Pang as Leung

Huang Lei as Mei Zhu

Alyssa Leanne So as Tingting

2022 – 21st Tribeca Film Festival
2022 – 33rd Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
2023 – 49th Seattle
International Film Festival
2023 – 40th Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Film Festival
2023 – 46th Asian-American International Film Festival
2023 – 5th Singapore Shorts
2023 – 19th HollyShorts Film Festival
2023 – 43rd Hawaii International Film Festival
2023 – 7th Short Circuit Singapore
2023 – 10th BAKUNAWA FEST
2023 – 24th San Diego Asian Film Festival
2023 – 27th Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Director & Writer: Leon Cheo
Producer: Xing Yuchuan
Cinematographer: Jay Swuen
Sound Mixer: Deng Longwei
Production Designer: Yuan Mengqing
Wardrobe Designer: Christina Lim
Hair & Makeup: Wendy Fisher
Editor: Ben Niu Guangping
Composer: Teo Wei Yong
Sound Editor: Cabba Cai

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